Presenting the most useful learning tool for your child

As a parent, you are flooded with multiple choices for you child. Be it investing in the right coaching centre or additional resource books, these are elements that play an important role in their academic lives.

But have you wondered, if there is just one must-have tool that you were to invest in for your child, what that should be?

Meet HashLearn, your child's 24/7 learning partner

The most common struggle for students, as a part of their daily learning process, is doubts.

It could be a seemingly simple concept in Physics or a hard integral calculus problem from Mathematics that they are struggling with. Doubts, when not cleared at that moment, develop into large learning gaps.

HashLearn ensures your child never gets stuck on these doubts

How does HashLearn work?

HashLearn is an award-winning mobile application that provides your child instant help with any doubt or concept. HashLearn connects students to topic-specialists for instant, live, 1-on-1 sessions. It requires no scheduling, works round-the-clock and most importantly, all our topic-specialists are from the IITs, NITs, BITS and India's premier institutions. HashLearn covers Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for all School/Boards (CBSE/ICSE/ISC/State) and Entrance Exams including the JEE, NEET and State Entrance Exams.

More than 1,20,000 students from across India have experienced the power of HashLearn.

HashLearn is simple to use

Whenever your child is stuck
- he/she opens the HashLearn app - takes a photo of the doubt area - clicks on 'Connect to tutor'

In less than 90 seconds, we pair your child with a high-quality topic-specialist for an instant session during which the doubt is clarified.

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Gift your child the confidence of HashLearn

HashLearn is the perfect gift for your child, this exam season.

And by taking a HashLearn Annual plan now, not only do you give your child the confidence of having no doubts during the current exam season, but also for the new academic year.

Our early-bird offer for Annual Plans is just around Rs.400 per month for Unlimited Sessions.

That's one year of peace of mind for you and your child at less than the cost of one year of cable TV.

Please open the HashLearn app to subscribe or call Mallika at 76767-10101 for more information.