JEE Advanced 2017 Date Announced by IIT Madras

IIT Madras, the conducting institute for JEE 2017, has announced the date of JEE-Advanced 2017 as 21st May.

This effectively leaves the JEE aspirants with 6 months to ramp up their preparation for JEE Advanced. What can you do to make the most of these 6 months ?

1.Study Schedules

With 6 months to go, you should now be sure of how to structure your time for the topics to study. You should also avoid making some of these mistake that JEE Aspirants generally make - this can help you save time and prepare efficiently.

2. Reference Books

Unsure of what books will help you prepare the best ? We`ve got you covered on that.

Even with all the books, remember, that it`s important to start preparing instead of accumulating multiple books to study from. Your schedule should also contain the books you are going to be using to study the topic you want.

3.Previous Years` Question Papers

All IITians will tell you that practising previous years' papers' is essential for JEE preparation. This helps you understand the style of the questions asked, and to be prepared for when you attempt your JEE paper.

IIT Madras had last conducted JEE in 2010. Have you practised questions from JEE 2010 paper?

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