JEE 2017 By IIT Madras: What To Expect

It has been officially announced that IIT Madras will conduct JEE 2017.

IIT Madras had conducted JEE back in 2010, and is all set to be the conducting institute for the forthcoming JEE 2017.

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What was JEE 2010 conducted by IIT Madras like?

JEE 2010 Paper - I anomalies

  • It was a lengthy paper, therefore extremely time consuming for the student.
  • In the paragraph-type questions, there were two passages - one passage had three questions while the other had only two questions. In the earlier JEE papers, every passage would have the same number of questions.
  • Both the numeric response question and the multiple correct answers type questions did not have negative marking. In fact, the partial marks were given for multiple correct answers type questions.

JEE 2010 Paper – II anomalies

  • Compared to Paper - I, Paper - II was relatively less lengthy, hence allowing students to solve the paper easily.
  • A correct answer for single correct choice type question was given 5 marks and each wrong answer got a penalty of -2 marks.