Learn how to write fast in exams with these 7 tips

How often has your exam paper met this fate?

First Page vs last page

Shaifali shares 7 simple tips that you can use to write faster during exams.

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1) Write in cursive handwriting: This saves time as you don't have to pick up your pen everytime you write an alphabet and you can write non-stop.

2) Answer using bullets: When we write in paragraphs, we tend to make stories that wastes time. Using bullets helps you be to the point and answer exactly what is asked of you

3) Answer according to marks: Some students write a 5-8 line long answer for a 1 mark question and end up with no time for other questions. So, be precise but make sure your answer is completed by the words you choose.

4) Use diagrams wherever possible: If a diagrammatic answer is asked, do not waste your time writing the theory. Your diagram should be sufficient to explain the answer. Also, try to explain your answers with diagrams and graphs.

5) Choose the right pen: That new Parker pen you bought? It may write well but it may be slowing down your writing. Choose a pen based on how well it suits your grip style as well as how fast it allows you to write.

6) Practise writing: Writing is like typing, you get faster as you practise. So ensure you practise writing before your exams begin. This way, you can also identify which pen is best for you.

7) Have the required stationery: Always carry extra pens, extra refills, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers. There is no worse waste of time than trying to get misbehaving stationery to work or borrowing stationery.

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