How to Prepare for Board Exams and Entrance Tests at the Same Time

Entrance exams and board exams always happen one after the other, with barely any gap between the two. As a matter of fact, this year, there is only a week long gap between the CBSE board exams and the JEE main exam! It is still an improvement over the previously clashing dates though. While entrance tests and board exams have more or less overlapping syllabi, they both require a very different approach when preparing for each of them. So how does one prepare for both at the same time? Let’s take a look:


  • Class 12 Syllabus
    Entrance exams are usually designed to have the same syllabus as that of class 11 and 12. So while preparing for board exams, you will be going through class 12 syllabus. That should help you refresh a lot of concepts.
  • Numerical problems
    Entrance tests are loaded with numerical problems. While they may not be of the same difficulty level as those found in board exam papers, practicing lots of problems while preparing for your boards will help brush up your basics and help improve your problem solving ability in general.

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    • Class 11 Syllabus
      Perhaps the most challenging part of preparing for entrance tests. You will have to go through your entire class 11 syllabus. Make sure you do this well before your board exams start since you won't have time to prepare for this during your boards. Even if you do find the time between board papers, avoid going through this as it can lead to mixing up of topics for the board exam.
    • Theory based questions and derivations
      The main reason why board exams and entrance exams require different approaches. Subjective questions like this are not found in the objective entrance tests. When going through theory questions, make sure to highlight important facts like names of chemical reactions or physical phenomenon since they may be asked in entrance tests as part of MCQ's. While studying derivations, make sure you understand the concept properly as it will help remember the formulae and solve problems in entrance exams.

    • Study well for your board exams. They carry a lot of weight when calculating your final rank in many entrance tests.
      All the best!

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