7 things to do when your exam is tomorrow

Crumble under the pressure of your exam or rise up to the occasion? Here are 7 things you can do that help you do your best in your exam tomorrow.

1) Don't study anything new: Revise the topics you've covered earlier. Haven't started studying yet? You should be reading your books instead of this blog!

2) Make super-short notes: Refer to these notes instead of having to re-read the whole chapter again later.

3) Seek a calm environment: Just sit in a calm place away from distractions.

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4) Eat healthy, eat well: It's easy to optimise for time and forego food. DON'T do it! Eat healthy food that will help you focus. This includes dry fruits, bananas and other fruits.

5) Sleep well: Research shows that sleeping helps you process new information better. A good night's sleep also helps you focus during your exam tomorrow.

6) Work smart: Focus on topics with more weightage will help you make the most of your time today.

7) Light background music: Research shows that specific kinds of music can actually help you concentrate better.

That's it from us. Share this with your friends and help them do better tomorrow as well! All the best. :)

These 7 tips were submitted by Krishna, a HashLearn tutor from BITS Pilani. You can chat with tutors like Krishna by downloading HashLearn.