5 Mistakes All Students Make During Their JEE Preparation

All JEE aspirants are known to make these mistakes that could result in them missing the chance to join an IIT by just a few marks (people who have given the JEE will know how this feels).

Here are the ONLY 5 things you need to do to ensure that you get a good AIR. Read on.

1. Jumping into difficult topics without being sure of basics

Can you solve a Kinematics problem without understanding vectors?

Expecting to understand trigonometry without knowing what an angle is?

The theory and the application of a topic, along with important topics you need to know beforehand (called prerequisites) are the basics. When you’re sure of that, the difficult topics start making a lot more sense than they earlier did.

Have basic questions to ask, but embarrassed to ask your teachers/friends? Ask any questions on HashLearn to an IITian tutor, and get your answers immediately. For us, the emphasis is on learning. :)

2. Neglecting topics that are important

Most aspirants will understand this, but tell themselves that it’s okay.

NO, it’s not!

If you neglect Laws of Motion, then you will end up having difficulties in studying for other related topics. There are a lot of inter-related topics & concepts. Ensure that you know this before you even start your preparation and make your study plan.

It’s important to be crystal clear about every topic that you’re studying. You can ask your teachers at school, tuition or your friends to help. Of course, you can also learn concepts from our tutors any time of the day.

3. Not having at least 2 strong subjects in PCM

Each one of us has a subject that we’re better at than the other subjects. Use this to your advantage.

A rule of thumb is that if you are strong in all three subjects, then getting a top 1000 AIR is guaranteed. Being strong in at least 2 out of 3 subjects will guarantee your AIR spot in the top 10000, which is good enough to get you to an IIT.

If you believe that Physics & Maths are something you can handle, but Organic Chemistry scares you, then ensure that you are thorough with your understanding of all topics in Physics & Maths. That way, when your JEE finally comes around, you will not be afraid if your Chemistry paper is tougher than expected.

4. Mugging up formulae

“Learning by-heart” is our shortcut to everything in life. But when you have to learn hundreds of formulae in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, you will, without a doubt, forget a lot of them.

Understanding how a formula is derived is a lot easier to remember than the actual formula itself. This way, if you get stuck while trying to solve a problem, you won’t be forcing yourself to remember a line of formula from a big mess of letters & numbers in your head, but actually try to recall how you can get there systematically.

Learning the derivation for a formula will also strengthen your basics immensely.

5. "I don't need to revise. I know everything."

No, you don't. Revision is the best way to know where you’re weak in a topic.

How can you do this? While revising, if you remember the concept perfectly, that means you’ve understood it. If not, then you know that there’s something in the topic that’s causing you difficulty.

After revision, you know your strengths and your weaknesses. It's then time to work on those weaknesses by getting help on those topics.

Have some more tips on how to avoid making mistakes? Tell us in the comments!